Monday, March 3, 2014

The Cause of Spontaneous Combustion!

Well, it is 9th week (of 10) for winter term here and my brain is currently exploding.  For everyone who says they don't understand spontaneous combustion, I believe that I have figured it out.  Here is how it works:

1.  9th week hits with papers and group projects galore.
2.  You freak out because they cannot possibly be enough time to get everything done.
3.  You realize that you are a theatre major and have a bunch of rehearsals.
4.  You attempt to find times to meet with both of your group projects that are due on Friday.
5.  You realize that your schedule is ridiculous so you start working with two different calendars, one that has all of your assignments and meetings on it and then another one that breaks down each day of the week by time so that you can cry at the amount of time you don't have to do everything.
6.  You then make another "To Do" list to try to wrap your mind around the amount of work you have and need to get done.
7.  Your brain starts freaking out and short circuiting, causing sparks to fly in your skull.
8.  Those sparks cause a fire.
9.  The fire spreads.
10.  Spontaneous combustion.

Not as spontaneous as you thought, is it?