Friday, December 13, 2013

The End is in Sight!

What a crazy week-and-a-half it has been!  We have gotten crazy amounts accomplished.  And I am exhausted.  Absolutely exhausted.

Last night we opened our show.  We had a small audience but they were all incredibly enthusiastic.  It was exciting for us, though, because it made us realize that we did it.  We put together a production in a week and a half.  Which is crazy.

I have started to become stir-crazy though.  We have been stuck in this lodge for the majority of the time.  I have left a couple of times to do things such as laundry and going to talk to schools but most of my time has been spent in the lodge.  We are all living in really close quarters.  But we go home Sunday.  I can make it to Sunday.

It is getting to Jessica too.
Throughout this process, I have been directing one of the shows.  It has been quite interesting.  It is a very short timeline and working with a playwright as she makes changes has been quite the learning experience.  (We were lucky because she didn't change much.  Which was very very nice.)  The play I directed takes place in an ad agency with two guys who are trying to come up with a new ad campaign for plungers.  It is quite a funny play.

Erik and Brian acting.
I have also been part of the group that goes out to the schools.  We only ended up being able to get in touch with one school but we went to two different teachers' classes.  Even though Jessica's and my play wasn't chosen to be part of the night of plays, it was chosen to be read in the schools to get students to come.  It was really exciting to get to hear the play read and hear people react to what they were hearing.  I think that most people enjoyed it!

I got to read stage directions for my play!
We still have 3 more performances.  Two of them are tonight and then we have one tomorrow.  And I am one of the curtain holders.  Which means that I hold the curtains back so that people can come on and off and so that the scene changes can happen.  I will be holding a lot of curtains tonight.

Also, I got my theatre advisor to participate in this week's Awkward Dance Wednesdays.  I was amazing.  Enjoy.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Things I Have Learned About Myself In the Past Few Days

I am up in Björklunden, my college's northern campus, for a Start-Up Theatre class.

The idea is that we are, in two weeks, starting a theatre company, writing plays, and putting on a 10-minute play festival.  We got up here Monday for lunch and have been going pretty non-stop ever since.  We have named ourselves Greyfell Theatre Company and have been working on getting ourselves out into the world.  Throughout the last couple of days, I have learned quite a few things about myself.

1.  I hate the word "thresholds."  I have a terrible physical reaction to the word that I can't explain.  When I hear it, my stomach starts churning and my whole body starts shaking.  I really don't know why this happens.  It weirds me out that I can't figure out why this happens.  I just know that I need to avoid saying the word, which will be hard because we just named our night of 10-minute plays "Thresholds."

2.  I like writing.  I have known this for a while, but I have always had problems finishing things because I get nervous about my writing and decide that I can't share it with anyone.  I then feel like my ideas are terrible and that other people have WAY better ideas and so I stop writing.  I have so many partially written things lying around.  And I haven't even really written much in the past couple of years because I am so afraid of failing.  But, being here, we were forced to write a 10-minute play and we had less than 24 hours to get a first draft done.

Working through drafts.
I worked with Jessica (even though I wrote most of the play) and we had a great time.  We fell in love with our play right away (because the characters were very similar to ourselves) but I was still nervous about putting it out there.  Yesterday morning, we had a "power read" where we read all of the plays that everyone had written.  (There were 18 total, including our own.)  While that was exhausting, it made people read my play.  I was forced to let over 20 people read what I had written.  And people, including professors, kept telling me that the play was good!  That night, we had to make slates of our favorite plays and ours could not be our own slates.  We then had to advocate for shows we really liked to Jacque, our literary manager.  One of the company members, Phillip, raised his hand right away and advocated for our play as the very first one.  And other people agreed with his opinions!  It felts amazing to hear people enjoying it.  Sadly, when the slates were announced this morning, our play was not on it.  It was disappointing but Jessica and I have talked and we are going to continue working on it to submit it to some 10-minute play festivals at other theatre companies.

3.  I really enjoy doing blogs!  We each had to take positions on different marketing teams and I am on the blog and YouTube teams.  I know that I haven't written here in a while, but that will be changing.  I WILL START TO BLOG HERE MORE!  Anyway, for the Greyfell blog, we came up with a blog schedule that involves having different people involved in the program write blogs in the early afternoon and then the blog team (of which I am a part of) will write in the evening, following our last session, about what has happened throughout the day.

Abi, myself, Jessica, and Matt, AKA The Blog Group
Today, I got to do the student perspective and I have done a couple of the other blog group posts.  It has been fun to get to tell people what is happening and the nice thing about the blog format is that, while it needs to be somewhat professional, it doesn't need to be completely, 100% professional.  It is a fun way to spread information!

Just an example of one of the faces on my Greyfell blog post
My blog post for Greyfell revolved around my feelings so far with pictures of my face to explain those feelings.  Check it out here!  It's pretty cool.  

Oh man.  This post has become way longer than I was expecting.  Oops!  Anyway, check out Greyfell! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


See this face?

Do you see it?  That is the face of someone very excited to have finished all of the things that are due tomorrow.  Super super exciting.

I know that I haven't written in a long time.  I know, I know.  You can yell at me if you want.  I deserve it.  But I have been so incredibly busy that my brain hasn't been able to handle the idea of writing extra stuff.

Let me catch you up on what happened during the time I was away from this blog.

I directed a 90 minute adaptation of As You Like It that my friend Abi adapted and starred in for her senior project.
Photo by my amazing friend Alex.  Abi is in the center.  Look at that directing!
It was my first time directing something longer than 5 minutes which was incredibly exciting but super scary at the same time.  The first week was incredibly poorly scheduled.  They don't teach you things like scheduling in directing class.  That would have been a nice thing to have known how to do going into this experience.  I got better at it though!  The show was a huge success.  I have heard nothing but good things.  For our second and last show (because we sadly only got two performances) we more than sold out.  We ran out of seats and then people who didn't have tickets snuck in and sat on the stairs of the audience.  It was amazing to see that kind of turn out.

I have been doing crazy amounts of improv.  I am a member of Lawrence's own Optimistic Feral Children.
We got 10 people in the Shire Shower and 13 people into the Hobbit bathroom.  I am still amazed that this was possible.
We are pretty funny.  You can watch our shows on our YouTube page.  We, along with two other groups on campus, brought the touring group from the Upright Citizens Brigade to campus in October and we got to do a workshop with them.  We opened for their show and the UCB members were really impressed with us, which was incredibly exciting.  We hung out with them afterwards which just reminded me how much I love improvisers and how much I want to do what they do.

I have been continuing to do Awkward Dance Wednesdays.  For some reason, though, I am having a hard time posting them on this blog, so you should just go check them out on my YouTube page if you need to catch up.  If you haven't seen them recently, you should go watch them.  They are pretty great.  It will totally be worth your time.

Well, I think that that is probably enough information for now.  I will try to get back into the habit of posting more often.  Cause I missed you, blog universe.  Let's stay friends.  Let's never leave each other again.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


We did it.  And it was amazing.  And there were around 100 people their.  Gahh!  THAT WAS THE COOLEST.

And now for bed.

Final Tech!

We are teching our final of the three shows!  In an hour and 20 minutes, there will be an audience here and the shows will be starting. 


It is almost that time!  After some food and a break, we are heading back for our last tech!  I have put on super cute clothes and I am all ready for tonight!

Just What I Am Thinking About Now...

Alright.  It seems an appropriate time to recap all that has happened thus far (plus add some things in that I might not have mentioned before).

Number of hours of sleep: 4.  And that is with oversleeping this morning.  I have almost fallen asleep on the floor of Cloak a couple of times but I have managed, somehow, to stay away.  It has been rough.  I hit a brick wall of exhaustion around 2 when Abi and I had to run out to get corn.  Staying away was physically painful.  Luckily for me, I saved my Mocha Frappachino from this morning in the fridge (as did Abi) and so we returned to the theatre and drank those.  So I find myself with a little bit more energy.  Now to just make sure that I don't let myself become exhausted by dinner.  Cause meals are exhausting!

Well, we have finished the first tech and are now into the second.  

Almost there!  Now we are even closer!  Less than 4 hours until the curtain goes up and the first 1440 Theatre Carnival happens for the first time in 2 years!

We are having a hard time getting the sound to work so we have decided that we are going to make our own theme music while we change the sets, like Kronk in Emperor's New Groove!  It is going to be amazing.

I am surrounded by papers.  What is happening?  What are all these papers?  Why are they here?  I should clean this up.  I cleaned up Comedy House earlier because the house smelled like pizza and tired after having the writers there last night.  But now it smells like normal house!  Yay!

1st Tech!

It is our first technical rehearsal!  It is all becoming so real. 

This one involves a gnome...


Don't worry guys. The corn has been purchased. 

Almost Tech!

Tech rehearsals start in an hour!

Brunch Break!

And now we break for food. Real food!  Not junk food!  And they have the good hash browns! 


(Due to some technical dificulties, this didnt post on time. Pretend it is 7:30 in the morning.)

We have the coffee!

And I got myself way too many calories. 

Oh man. Directors are meeting and actors will be joining them soon. 

We made a breakfast spread!

Gahhh I am tired. 

And the Vines Continue!

Oh man guys.  In our sleep deprived state, we have started making copious amounts of Vines.  We are LIVE VINING!  HERE THEY ARE!

Giant Gatorades (by Abi)

MONEY BAGEL! (by Sophie. This one took forever. But it was so worth it.)

Actor Creeping! (I made this one!)

No sleep. Woo!

Yeah.  Things went crazy.

Hanging in Cloak, getting everything ready!
But tonight is going to be awesome!  I am super pumped!  And super tired... BUT MOSTLY SUPER PUMPED!


We took a nap and woke up two hours late!  Gahhh!  Abi and I are running to pick up coffee while Sophie prints things and sets up for people's arrival.

We are in the car!

First Shift

I am coving the first shift while Abi and Sophie take naps.  And I now find myself surrounded by phones.

All the phones!
We have to keep track of all of our phones so that there is always someone available to the writers.  And this way we can make sure that we can help them regardless of which phone they call.

In an hour, I will be waking Abi up and she will be doing the second shift.

And Now It Is 1:00am

Pizza has arrived and some of it is now in my stomach. It was delicious in that cheap pizza way. But now I feel all greasy and heavy. Which makes me feel sleepy. But I also drank some Dr. Pepper so I am hoping that the caffeine kicks in soon. We were hanging out downstairs with people but that wasn't very productive for those writers so Abi and I have returned to our room. Jessica is watching a movie and planning on falling asleep. I am sitting on my bed writing a journal entry about 1440 while watching Weeds in hopes of keeping myself awake.

Plays are due in slightly less than 3 hours and then the real fun begins. 

Abi has lost her headphones and is now searching the room trying to find them. She has just thrown everything off of her bed and is crawling around on it like some strange part snake, part human creature. The lack of sleep is already kicking in and it is only 1am. I can do this. I can stay awake. I am terrible at this whole not sleeping thing...

And Now Begins the Vines...

It has hit the point of the night where I have started making Vines...  Here are the two good ones.

I feel you, literally...


Abi is Harry Potter!

And it is only midnight.  This is going to be a long night.  We can do it!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Waiting Game

And now we wait. We have to stay awake so that we are available for the writers. So we have moved up to Abi, Jessica's, and my room to watch Dollhouse.

Junk Food!


And there will be pizza ordered later. Nom nom nom. 

Meeting Over!

We met with everyone and broke everyone into groups. Everyone has been released and now the writers are writing. 

All the people involved!

Then we have our directors. 

And our writers!
(Except for me. I just happened to end up in this photo.)

This is going to be the best. 

Almost Time!

The three of us are all ready for people to start arriving!  This is going to be a blasty blast!

(Sadie's tongue is all ready to get writing!)

T-1 Hour!

Oh man.  In only one hour, the 1440 Theatre Carnival will be beginning and I am SUPER PUMPED!  This is going to be absolutely amazing.  In just 1440 minutes, plays will be written, rehearsed, and performed.  Get ready for a whirlwind of awesomeness!  AND, I will be live blogging throughout those 1440 minutes so that everyone can know what is going on and how amazing it is.

Abi, Sophie, and me.  We are all super stoked.  (Also, this is an older picture that we made to advertise this awesome event.)
Stay tuned!  It promises to be great.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shire Shower and Jimmy Fallon

Hey y'all!  Since I headed back to school, I haven't really taken the time to sit down and write an honest to goodness blog post.  I have been keeping up with my weekly dances and having a great time.  And now, because I probably should be working on homework, I am finally taking the time to write an update.

Here are the basics.  I am living in a house on campus this year that I share with 7 other people.  It is awesome.  I live in a triple, meaning that I have two roommates.  This is us.

Jessica, Abi, and Me

We are pretty amazing.  The room is nice and we even have our own bathroom that we share with the guys next door!  The bathroom is weird, though.  The ceiling is short and our shower looks like this.

Yeah.  The shower head is in the shorter part.  And on a string.  And we have to kind of hang it off this hook in the ceiling.  But there isn't really water pressure...  It's a whole thing.  We call the bathroom our Hobbit Bathroom with the Shire Shower.  It's pretty cool.  At least we can laugh about it.

Last week was Abi's birthday and Jessica and I got her Jimmy Fallon's comedy album, Blow Your Pants Off.  And when I saw album, I mean the vinyl.  It is awesome.  But the cover can also be incredibly scary if you are not expecting to see him.  So we have started a new game that we like to call "Hide Jimmy."

This was the first hiding spot.  Abi got me with this one.

Jessica was the next victim when we placed him on her desk.

Jessica and I put him in the bathroom.

Abi and I hid with Jimmy when Jessica went to the bathroom.

Jessica found herself the victim again when he was found hanging out with her pillows.

I put him watching the stairs for a while.  Scared myself with this one.

He visited Abi's computer.  Didn't scare her at all.  She heard Jessica and me laughing about this one.

And most recently, Jimmy found himself in Abi's shirt drawer.  It took her 2 days to find him this time.
We have way too much fun with this.  And I am frightened for where I am going to find him throughout the year.

This is going to be an awesome year, though.  Between classes, rehearsals for our 70 minute version of As You Like It that I am directing, and improv, I am incredibly busy.  But I am loving every minute of it.

Awkward Dancing All Over the Place

This week's dance!  Guest starring Abi, Jessica, Kayleigh, and Sophie.

Sweater Weather
by The Neighborhood

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Togas & Trekno

Every year, there is this huge party on campus called "Togas & Techno."  I am not a party person myself and neither are my roommates so we decided to stay in and watch the new Star Trek movie while wearing togas.  We call it Togas & Trekno.  We found a techno version of the Star Trek theme.  It was awesome.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Awkward Dance Wednesdays: Family Edition

This week's Awkward Dance features my brother Tuxford!

by New Politics

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Typical Thursday Night

STEP 1: Organize basil on a cookie sheet so that it can be dried out for later use.

STEP 2:  Go to the library and get movies that Mike Birbiglia has been in.  (If you don't know who that is, then you should look him up because he is amazing.  Fill the Birbiglia shaped hole in your life.)

STEP 3:  Eat dinner which consists of tortellini with fresh, homemade pesto.  (The best!)

STEP 4:  Watch previously mentioned movies that have Mike Birbiglia in them while crocheting a Union Jack so that you can make a giant Union Jack pillow to put in your Sherlock themed room which will be coming into existence in the very near future. 

So now you know how I spend my Thursday nights.  It is quite the party.  I know you are all jealous.  Carry on with your lives.