Tuesday, November 19, 2013


See this face?

Do you see it?  That is the face of someone very excited to have finished all of the things that are due tomorrow.  Super super exciting.

I know that I haven't written in a long time.  I know, I know.  You can yell at me if you want.  I deserve it.  But I have been so incredibly busy that my brain hasn't been able to handle the idea of writing extra stuff.

Let me catch you up on what happened during the time I was away from this blog.

I directed a 90 minute adaptation of As You Like It that my friend Abi adapted and starred in for her senior project.
Photo by my amazing friend Alex.  Abi is in the center.  Look at that directing!
It was my first time directing something longer than 5 minutes which was incredibly exciting but super scary at the same time.  The first week was incredibly poorly scheduled.  They don't teach you things like scheduling in directing class.  That would have been a nice thing to have known how to do going into this experience.  I got better at it though!  The show was a huge success.  I have heard nothing but good things.  For our second and last show (because we sadly only got two performances) we more than sold out.  We ran out of seats and then people who didn't have tickets snuck in and sat on the stairs of the audience.  It was amazing to see that kind of turn out.

I have been doing crazy amounts of improv.  I am a member of Lawrence's own Optimistic Feral Children.
We got 10 people in the Shire Shower and 13 people into the Hobbit bathroom.  I am still amazed that this was possible.
We are pretty funny.  You can watch our shows on our YouTube page.  We, along with two other groups on campus, brought the touring group from the Upright Citizens Brigade to campus in October and we got to do a workshop with them.  We opened for their show and the UCB members were really impressed with us, which was incredibly exciting.  We hung out with them afterwards which just reminded me how much I love improvisers and how much I want to do what they do.

I have been continuing to do Awkward Dance Wednesdays.  For some reason, though, I am having a hard time posting them on this blog, so you should just go check them out on my YouTube page if you need to catch up.  If you haven't seen them recently, you should go watch them.  They are pretty great.  It will totally be worth your time.

Well, I think that that is probably enough information for now.  I will try to get back into the habit of posting more often.  Cause I missed you, blog universe.  Let's stay friends.  Let's never leave each other again.

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