Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shire Shower and Jimmy Fallon

Hey y'all!  Since I headed back to school, I haven't really taken the time to sit down and write an honest to goodness blog post.  I have been keeping up with my weekly dances and having a great time.  And now, because I probably should be working on homework, I am finally taking the time to write an update.

Here are the basics.  I am living in a house on campus this year that I share with 7 other people.  It is awesome.  I live in a triple, meaning that I have two roommates.  This is us.

Jessica, Abi, and Me

We are pretty amazing.  The room is nice and we even have our own bathroom that we share with the guys next door!  The bathroom is weird, though.  The ceiling is short and our shower looks like this.

Yeah.  The shower head is in the shorter part.  And on a string.  And we have to kind of hang it off this hook in the ceiling.  But there isn't really water pressure...  It's a whole thing.  We call the bathroom our Hobbit Bathroom with the Shire Shower.  It's pretty cool.  At least we can laugh about it.

Last week was Abi's birthday and Jessica and I got her Jimmy Fallon's comedy album, Blow Your Pants Off.  And when I saw album, I mean the vinyl.  It is awesome.  But the cover can also be incredibly scary if you are not expecting to see him.  So we have started a new game that we like to call "Hide Jimmy."

This was the first hiding spot.  Abi got me with this one.

Jessica was the next victim when we placed him on her desk.

Jessica and I put him in the bathroom.

Abi and I hid with Jimmy when Jessica went to the bathroom.

Jessica found herself the victim again when he was found hanging out with her pillows.

I put him watching the stairs for a while.  Scared myself with this one.

He visited Abi's computer.  Didn't scare her at all.  She heard Jessica and me laughing about this one.

And most recently, Jimmy found himself in Abi's shirt drawer.  It took her 2 days to find him this time.
We have way too much fun with this.  And I am frightened for where I am going to find him throughout the year.

This is going to be an awesome year, though.  Between classes, rehearsals for our 70 minute version of As You Like It that I am directing, and improv, I am incredibly busy.  But I am loving every minute of it.

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