Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just What I Am Thinking About Now...

Alright.  It seems an appropriate time to recap all that has happened thus far (plus add some things in that I might not have mentioned before).

Number of hours of sleep: 4.  And that is with oversleeping this morning.  I have almost fallen asleep on the floor of Cloak a couple of times but I have managed, somehow, to stay away.  It has been rough.  I hit a brick wall of exhaustion around 2 when Abi and I had to run out to get corn.  Staying away was physically painful.  Luckily for me, I saved my Mocha Frappachino from this morning in the fridge (as did Abi) and so we returned to the theatre and drank those.  So I find myself with a little bit more energy.  Now to just make sure that I don't let myself become exhausted by dinner.  Cause meals are exhausting!

Well, we have finished the first tech and are now into the second.  

Almost there!  Now we are even closer!  Less than 4 hours until the curtain goes up and the first 1440 Theatre Carnival happens for the first time in 2 years!

We are having a hard time getting the sound to work so we have decided that we are going to make our own theme music while we change the sets, like Kronk in Emperor's New Groove!  It is going to be amazing.

I am surrounded by papers.  What is happening?  What are all these papers?  Why are they here?  I should clean this up.  I cleaned up Comedy House earlier because the house smelled like pizza and tired after having the writers there last night.  But now it smells like normal house!  Yay!

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