Saturday, September 28, 2013

And Now It Is 1:00am

Pizza has arrived and some of it is now in my stomach. It was delicious in that cheap pizza way. But now I feel all greasy and heavy. Which makes me feel sleepy. But I also drank some Dr. Pepper so I am hoping that the caffeine kicks in soon. We were hanging out downstairs with people but that wasn't very productive for those writers so Abi and I have returned to our room. Jessica is watching a movie and planning on falling asleep. I am sitting on my bed writing a journal entry about 1440 while watching Weeds in hopes of keeping myself awake.

Plays are due in slightly less than 3 hours and then the real fun begins. 

Abi has lost her headphones and is now searching the room trying to find them. She has just thrown everything off of her bed and is crawling around on it like some strange part snake, part human creature. The lack of sleep is already kicking in and it is only 1am. I can do this. I can stay awake. I am terrible at this whole not sleeping thing...

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