Friday, December 13, 2013

The End is in Sight!

What a crazy week-and-a-half it has been!  We have gotten crazy amounts accomplished.  And I am exhausted.  Absolutely exhausted.

Last night we opened our show.  We had a small audience but they were all incredibly enthusiastic.  It was exciting for us, though, because it made us realize that we did it.  We put together a production in a week and a half.  Which is crazy.

I have started to become stir-crazy though.  We have been stuck in this lodge for the majority of the time.  I have left a couple of times to do things such as laundry and going to talk to schools but most of my time has been spent in the lodge.  We are all living in really close quarters.  But we go home Sunday.  I can make it to Sunday.

It is getting to Jessica too.
Throughout this process, I have been directing one of the shows.  It has been quite interesting.  It is a very short timeline and working with a playwright as she makes changes has been quite the learning experience.  (We were lucky because she didn't change much.  Which was very very nice.)  The play I directed takes place in an ad agency with two guys who are trying to come up with a new ad campaign for plungers.  It is quite a funny play.

Erik and Brian acting.
I have also been part of the group that goes out to the schools.  We only ended up being able to get in touch with one school but we went to two different teachers' classes.  Even though Jessica's and my play wasn't chosen to be part of the night of plays, it was chosen to be read in the schools to get students to come.  It was really exciting to get to hear the play read and hear people react to what they were hearing.  I think that most people enjoyed it!

I got to read stage directions for my play!
We still have 3 more performances.  Two of them are tonight and then we have one tomorrow.  And I am one of the curtain holders.  Which means that I hold the curtains back so that people can come on and off and so that the scene changes can happen.  I will be holding a lot of curtains tonight.

Also, I got my theatre advisor to participate in this week's Awkward Dance Wednesdays.  I was amazing.  Enjoy.

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