Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey Everyone! It's Jessica's Birthday!

Today Jessica turns 20.  This is Jessica.  And me.

Jessica is an awesome, amazing person who I am honored to call my best friend.  We met almost two years ago as freshman.  It is a good thing that we only lived 3 rooms away from each other because otherwise we probably would never have met (cause I am terrible at meeting new people, as is she and our academic interests are so completely different).  Since then, we have had some amazing adventures.

We voted in our first presidential election together!  (Well, separately but at the same time.)

She hung out with me practically every time I was on duty last year.  (That is an awesome friend because that could be quite boring at times.)

We do cool things like wear felt goatees and hang out in blanket forts.

We went to Chicago once to participate in a Save Community flash mob.  Only 4 other people showed up.  It was still awesome.  Odd, but awesome.  

(This is a picture from another Chicago trip.  Pretty much sums up our relationship.)

Together we remembered that we do not like metal music.  We prefer quieter things.

We almost died together.  Well, we weren't actually in any danger but it sure was scary.  We were sitting in my room last year, minding our own business, watching something on Hulu or Netflix or one of those sites when there was a loud CRASH on one of the windows.  It was so loud and sudden that we couldn't exactly figure out where the sound had come from.  We moved to the floor, as far away from the windows as possible and Skyped our friend Becca on the other side of campus, who took this screenshot of us freaking out.

For the record, it was a pumpkin.  Someone threw a pumpkin at my window.

FUN FACT ABOUT JESSICA: She makes a fantastic Swedish Chef.

I don't know where I would be or who I would be if I had not met this amazing girl.  Happy Birthday, Jessica!  Congrats on leaving your teenage years behind!

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