Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Hello There!

Hello reader and welcome to my blog!  This is my first venture into this strange world but I hope to break my way in and do some entertaining while I am at it.

The fact that I have made it this far is exciting.  It took me at least 45 minutes of staring at this screen
 to finally come up for a name for this blog.  So welcome to The Sequinbeast!  It was hard for me to make a commitment to a name.  Cannot imagine what naming a child must be like.  That is a much bigger decision.  Oh man.  I am going to stop thinking about that.

Moving on.  I know what you must be thinking.

What is this "Sequinbeast" that the blog is name after?  Well, let me introduce you all to...

THE SEQUINBEAST!  He is pretty cool.  I made him.  He has his own Facebook page.  Sometimes he goes on adventures.  And he lent his name to this blog even though it isn't going to be about him.  How nice is that?

Alright.  Now about me.  I am a college student going into my third year in about a month.  (Yikes!)  I am studying Theatre and English, which means that I am getting some of the most useless degrees possible.  I am heavily involved in improv (yeah Optimistic Feral Children) and hope to do that professionally once I am out of school.  When I am not at school, I work at Barnes & Noble where I attempt to make money to pay for the stupidly expensive school I go to but I end up spending more money than I would like to admit on books.  Darn you, employee discount!

My plan for this blog is to tell stories about the ridiculous things that I do in my life (cause I am a total spaz).  Stories like that one time when Abi and I decided that drinking Venti Mocha Frappachinos was a good idea.  (It wasn't.  Our brains vibrated.  We almost passed out at an art exhibit.  It was exciting.)  Stories like that.  The random musing of my mind will probably end up here as well.  Because why not?

Alright.  I should wrap this up.  Thanks for reading.  I will leave you all with this picture of my strange dog who believes that she is much smaller than she is.

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